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Between 2016 and 2018, we have revolutionised our business with structural investments in all our company’s production aspects, both operational and administrative. Restructuring of our production has also increased our total storage capacity to one million litres AISI 304 steel tanks. Finally, we have built new offices with optical-fibre-cabled workplaces and a functional, elegant tasting room, where our clients can taste the best we have to offer in terms of wine.

All stages of production have been computerised and there is now total synergy between all the different divisions. Computerised systems such as WINESCAN FT120, TITRALAB AT 1000 automatic titrator for checking sulphites, PALL OENOFLOW XL 6-S filter and ALFATECK bottling system with laser control right along the bottling line guarantee the highest operation efficiency, allowing us to always obtain maximum quality from our products.

We have also had the pleasure of inaugurating these new offices with a welcome visit from a CCTV troupe, the Chinese state television, which as part of a programme on the Italian vine and wine sector, took a tour of our whole winery and ended by interviewing our owner, Carlo Levorato, in our new tasting room.